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No two homes are the same. Every home and lifestyle is different. Roof sizes, energy usage and building orientation are all different from one another.

Consequently we provide an individually tailored solution specifically for your residence. We do not market or promote off the shelf systems.

Why choose Solar?

  • Solar panels are now up to 70% less expensive today than¬†they were a few years ago
  • Electricity prices are expected to continue to increase significantly over the next few years
  • Take full advantage of government rebates, both state and federal
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your energy usage
  • Slash your electricity account significantly
  • Leave a cleaner environment for the next generation
  • Enjoy the short and long term cash savings
  • Experience no guilt when you have the air con on full bore this summer
  • Easy and affordable finance for you

Switching from coal fired to clean solar is a big step, an important one. We keep it simple and personal. Not only is solar more affordable today, you can take full advantage of an affordable loan.. We can arrange a payment plan that will be less than you pay for your current electricity over an agreed period of time so that financially you will be in front. What you are paying for the array is less than your electricity account. It makes sense.

Our recommendations are all based on the Clean Energy Council and Australian Solar Council guidelines.